Wealth management

Whatever your wealth profile, Delubac Private Banking relies on all the internal and external experts of the Delubac Group. We offer tailor-made support to define your short, medium and long-term goals and needs. Together, we establish your wealth strategy in line with your objectives.
long-term wealth management advice with Delubac Private Banking

Define your short, medium and long term goals and needs

Develop your assets

Our ambition is to increase your assets while favouring an approach to preserve your capital. Delubac Private Banking accompanies you over the long term, at the different stages of your life, thanks to scalable solutions that take into account the changes that may occur in your personal and professional life.

Build additional income

We support you in managing your assets to generate additional income through different classes of real estate and financial assets. Generating income requires an analysis of the risks and potential returns that our experts are able to understand. Our global approach allows us to understand your challenges and offer you the most appropriate investments. Discover our investment solutions:

Structure your private and professional assets

Because each asset is unique and your projects are unique to you, we define your asset strategy together. Our experts cover all your legal, tax, real estate and financial issues. Our 360° vision allows us to provide informed and personalised advice.

Protect your family circle

We analyse your requirements concerning family protection while at the same time optimising your taxation. We can also advise you on the protection of your spouse, children and grandchildren in the event of death. Your private banker can assist you in the subscription of investment solutions that match your situation and expectations. Find out more about investments that help protect your loved ones:

Prepare for the transfer of your assets

We advise you to anticipate and prepare to pass on your assets in the best conditions. Therefore, our experts support you in drafting your will and choosing arrangements adapted to your needs: transmission during your lifetime, preparation for succession, organisation of assets for future generations, etc.

Establish a tailor‑made wealth strategy

Legal and tax measures
Together, we set up legal and tax measures aimed at protecting your loved ones while optimising your assets.

Economic and financial measures
We protect your assets to pass them on to the next generation using appropriate financial tools.

Implement your wealth strategy and its long-term monitoring

To help you carry out your projects and build your future and that of he next generation, we put in place the long-term wealth strategy that we defined together. At each stage of our support, our private bankers and wealth engineers work in synergy with notaries, lawyers and chartered accountants. We also work closely with experts from the Delubac Group (Corporate and Investment Bank Asset Management, Corporate Banking, etc.) to meet all your expectations.

A private banker to finance your wealth

Delubac Private Banking
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