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Cookies policy

This cookie policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) applies to any person (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “your”) visiting the website “www.delubac.com” (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”).

The purpose of the Policy is to inform you about the cookies used on our Site, the associated purposes and to enable you to manage the cookies installed on your hard drive while browsing our Site.

1 – What is a cookie?

A “cookie” or “browser cookie” is a small text file sent by a website and stored in the memory of your internet browser or on the hard drive of your computer, tablet or mobile phone (hereinafter referred to as “cookies”) hereinafter referred to together as the “Terminal”). Cookies are designed to facilitate your experience on our Sites. It allows the issuer to collect information about your browsing during its validity period. Only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read or modify the information contained therein.

Cookies may vary depending on the internet browser used to visit our Site.

Please know that when you browse our Site, cookies may be installed on the hard drive of your Terminal, to facilitate browsing on our Site.

You have the opportunity to manage the cookies used on the Site by setting your browser, as explained in details in this Policy.

2 – Why do we use cookies?

Cookies issued on our Site are intended for the following purposes:

  • Improve the operation of the Site 
  • Adapt the presentation of the Site to the display preferences of your Terminal
  • Customise the user interface (choice of language or presentation)
  • Perform audience measurement

3 – Which cookies do we use?

Functionality cookies

These cookies make it possible to maximise the operation of the Site and to offer smooth browsing.

reDimCookieHintdelubacCookie choice cookie1 monthEssential

Technical cookies

Our Site uses technical cookies called session cookies. Their purpose is to record technical information when you browse our Site and to identify the session and maintain it. These cookies have a lifetime that corresponds to the browsing session time.

_0dcxxxxxxxdelubacSessions cookiesessionEssential

Audience measurement cookies

They are only deposited with your consent.

♦ Matomo

We also use another web analytics tool (Matomo) which respects the recommendations of the CNIL in terms of data collection. All data is anonymized and not cross-checked.

_pk_idMatomoUsed to store some user details such as id13 monthsNon-essential
_pk_refMatomoUsed to store attribution information, the referrer originally used to visit the site6 monthsNon-essential
_pk_sesMatomoCookie with a limited lifespan to temporarily store visit data30 minutesNon-essential
mtm_consent (ou mtm_consent_removed) MatomoCreated with an expiration date of 30 years as a reminder that consent was given (or withdrawn) by the user Non-essential

On this site we use Matomo in order to have statistics on its use. You can choose not to have a cookie with a unique identifier on your computer and avoid that we can aggregate or analyze the data collected on this site. To make this choice, please click below to receive an opt out cookie.

Personalized Offers and Services cookies

Personalized offers and services cookies allow us to memorize your preferences and personalize the content offered to you on our Site.

NIDGoogle AdsUser preferences set in terms of cookies: to show non-logged-in users Google Ads ads in Google services6 monthsNon-essential
ENIDGoogle AdsUser preferences set in terms of cookies13 monthsNon-essential
SIDGoogle AdsContain, in encrypted and digitally signed form, the user’s Google account ID and the date and time of their last login13 monthsNon-essential
DSIDGoogle AdsUsed to identify a user logged into their Google account on non-Google sites and to remember whether the user has accepted the personalisation of ads2 weeksNon-essential
HSIDGoogle AdsContain, in encrypted and digitally signed form, the user’s Google account ID and the date and time of their last login13 monthsNon-essential
AECGoogle AdsMake sure that the requests made in a browsing session come from the user and not from other sites. These cookies prevent malicious sites from impersonating the user and acting without their knowledge. Prevent spam, fraud and abuse.6 monthsNon-essential
__gadsGoogle AdsAllow sites to display Google ads. Non-essential
_gclGoogle AdsTheir main purpose is to help advertisers determine how many users who clicked on their ads end up taking an action on their site (e.g. making a purchase). Cookies used to measure conversion rates are not used to personalise advertisements. “_gcl_” cookies remain active for 90 days90 daysNon-essential
1P_JARGoogle Ads30 daysNon-essential
_gcl_auGoogle“First party cookie dropped by Google’s “Conversion Linker” feature. It takes and stores ad click information so that the conversion can be properly attributed (to campaigns) outside of the landing page.”90 daysNon-essential

Social media and content sharing cookies

These cookies allow us and our partners to share information about your browsing with the social networks used on our sites and to offer you the visualization of content hosted on an external site such as videos from our Site.

SIDYoutubecontain, in encrypted and digitally signed form, the user’s Google account ID and the date and time of their last login13 monthsNon-essential
YSCYoutube SessionNon-essential
PREFYoutubestore information such as your preferred page configuration
and your playback preferences such as default autoplay, shuffle content and player size.
13 monthsNon-essential
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEYoutubepersonalized YouTube recommendations based on previous views and searches6 monthsNon-essential
APISIDHSIDSIDCCSSIDYoutubeBy creating a Google Account or logging into a Google Account
these cookies are stored on their browser in order to stay connected to their Google account by returning to other Google sites. Google will use these cookies to improve its user experience
13 monthsNon-essential

4 – How do I control cookies?

If you do not wish to use cookies, you can change the settings of your internet browser to delete installed cookies and prevent the installation of new cookies.

The configuration of each browser is different to disable cookies: