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Financial advice and wealth financing

Our private bankers provide you with financial advice to help you set up tailor-made financial arrangements by adapting them to your needs and your long-term objectives. 

Discover our financing dedicated to private clients and corporate shareholders.*

*subject to acceptance of your application by Banque Delubac & Cie.

conseil financier et financement patrimonial
An independent family financial institution
An independent private bank in open architecture for your financial management
icone synergie
Synergy between our internal entities to better structure your financing needs
360° support in the management of private and professional assets Discover Delubac Private Banking
A 360° wealth strategy to support you over the long term

Financial engineering

Our financial engineers, in synergy with the Delubac Group’s Corporate and Investment Bank and Corporate Banking businesses, provide you with optimal advice. Your private banker optimises your taxation, minimises risks and improves the returns on your assets.

Asset financing

A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.
We have a range of asset financing solutions adapted to your situation, your needs and your projects:

Lombard loan

We can grant you a loan in return for the guarantee of savings: 

  • life insurance
  •  capitalisation contract
  • PEA
  • securities accounts

It allows you to obtain a cash advance without having to settle your positions and generate taxation. The amount of your loan is linked to the quality of the underlying assets that make up your guarantee. This type of loan is aimed more at investors looking for a leverage effect on their financial assets.

Mortgage loan

A mortgage loan is associated with the guarantee of one or more real estate assets. It allows you to create leverage calculated based on the value of the pledged assets.

OBO (Owner Buy Out)

The operation of OBO, or “owner buy out”, consists of the purchase of an asset, real estate in particular, partially financed by borrowing, via a company owned by the seller and their family.

A private banker to finance your wealth

Availability, expertise and trust are part of our values. Contact our team of private bankers, financial engineers and wealth engineers to develop your wealth.

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Private banking expertise

delubac wealth management


We carry out an in-depth analysis of your family, financial, legal and tax situation and of your personal objectives. In close collaboration with your adviser, we build the most suitable asset strategy.

investments and placements


Your private banker offers you the investments that meet your needs at each stage of your life. Our investment solutions cover both traditional and innovative asset classes.