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Executive Private Banking

Are you a shareholder executive of your company, an independent professional or an entrepreneur? We can optimise your cash flow and help you to enhance your professional tool.

 In an increasingly complex environment, our private bankers offer support throughout the transfer process and the preparation of your retirement.

Executive private banking services
An independent private bank, able to select the best solutions on the market in open architecture
A private banker at your service, a trusted partner to build, develop and protect your interests
A range of internal expertise and solid partnerships to support you before, during and after the life of your business

A private bank for the transfer of your business

To organise the transfer of your business, specific knowledge and personalised advice are essential. Our private bankers, wealth engineers and investment bankers work together to support executives during this key stage:

  • Enhance your business
  • Find a buyer
  • Support intra-family transfer
  • Optimise the taxation of transfer
private banking for business transfer

How to optimise the resale of your business?

Art. 150-0 B ter, a strategy to anticipate

The contribution-transfer scheme governed by Article 150-0 B ter consists of contributing the securities to a holding company before selling them in order to benefit from a tax deferral of the capital gain on the sale of your business.

Several conditions must be met for the deferral to be taken into account, including reinvestment in the real economy.

Discover what the contribution-transfer is and how we support our entrepreneurs and executive-shareholders in this key step.

optimise business resale

Post-transfer of a business

Your private banker works with you to build the asset project that suits you. Depending on your objectives and your situation, we can offer you adapted solutions :

  • Asset organisation
  • Protection of spouse and children
  • Additional income and preparation for retirement
  • Financial and real estate diversification
post-divestment phase
  • wealth engineering

  • banking services

  • asset allocation advice

  • delegated financial management

  • real estate investments

  • private equity

  • international support

  • online management of your financial assets, etc.

Thanks to its complete vision of your situation and market opportunities, it defines your wealth strategy and all your cross-functional needs in an ultra-personalised way.

international support private banking services

Why a private bank for executives?

Since its creation in 1924, Banque Delubac & Cie has been supporting professional clients and executives.

We help them in the key moments of the business cycle, from creation, through their development, until the transfer/sale with our Corporate and Investment Bank.

Our department dedicated to companies in difficulty can also help them recover. It is only natural that the private bank has deployed an approach dedicated to executives in order to offer our clients 360° support.

What is the strength of Delubac Private Banking?

It is our independence. 

 It allows us to seek atypical and innovative solutions with the greatest objectivity. Our strength is therefore to adapt to the specific needs of our clients.

Furthermore, the management of a portfolio on a human scale allows our private bankers to be available and attentive to the needs of a privileged clientele.

 Finally, our banking licence is a guarantee of security and stability.

Is there an entry threshold?

We get in touch with clients able to entrust us with at least 1 million euros.

This threshold is linked to the value proposition that we address and guarantees the privileged service that our clients expect from us.

However, we study all requests on a case-by-case basis. Each situation is unique and our establishment knows this better than anyone.

Finally, with entrusted assets of more than 5 million euros, you will have access to our Wealth Management department for an even more private relationship.

Business creation and development

Your private banker specialises in considering the transfer or sale of your business. In addition, it works in concert with all our entities of the Delubac Group :

corporate bank

Corporate Banking

Delubac Corporate Banking, offers banking and financial services to support the management and development needs of its clients.

corpoarate & investment bank

Corporate and Investment Bank

Delubac Corporate & Investment Bank supports companies in their financial engineering projects. It specialises in mergers and acquisitions and high balance sheet financial transactions.
Corporate and Investment Bank

The Delubac Private Banking team

Our Delubac Private Banking experts offer executives personalised service and proximity. Whatever your problems, your dedicated contact will accompany you.

Private Banking