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Delubac Correspondent Banking

A privileged partner of Banks and Financial Institutions, Delubac Correspondent Banking offers a comprehensive range of banking solutions designed to facilitate your domestic and international transactions.

An established partner at the service of your transactions

Delubac Correspondent Banking is an integrated department of Banque Delubac & Cie, an independent family bank, which since its creation in 1924 has offered specialised banking services with an approach based on expertise, proximity and operational responsiveness. 

Our ambition

Support you throughout in transactions of your own account and your customers, with a Premium Service and optimal management of your flows.
Our organisation’s agility and our expertise allow us to offer you personalised support perfectly in line with your expectations.
Our approach

Delubac Correspondent Banking: a Premium service

A structure on a human scale, Delubac Correspondent Banking offers personalised support for the management of your transactions.  

Our organisation’s agility combined with the expertise, availability and responsiveness of our team, allow us to offer you the solutions best suited to your business.

A dedicated contact person

To support you in all your transactions, your dedicated contact remains responsive and available at all times to listen to your requests and follows all your flows from start to finish.

Our expertise

Banking solutions that adapt to all your transactional needs

  • Domestic and international payments
  • Liquidity management

Delubac Correspondent Banking: expertise at the service of your transactions

The expertise of Delubac Correspondent Banking is built around the following main activities:

  • The clearing and processing of payments in Euro*
  • A EUR/Currency** exchange offer for your own account or for your clients
In addition, Banque Delubac & Cie can support you throughout your Trade Finance activities (LC, SBLC, etc.) and therefore meet the needs of your Exporter and Importer clients.
*Banque Delubac & Cie is a direct participant in the Target2 and SEPA European payment systems.
**As per list of available currencies and after the bank's agreement.
Our team

A team dedicated to managing your transactions

To support you in all your transactions, the Delubac Correspondent Banking team is made up of specialists with solid experience, high availability and responsiveness.
Djillali OUADAH

Djillali OUADAH

Head of Correspondent Banking


Correspondent Banking Support

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