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Corporate financing

To support you in the day-to-day or medium-term management of your business, Delubac Corporate Banking provides you with an offer dedicated to financing your business or your association.

Financement des entreprises

Cash flow gap? Discover accounts receivable financing.

Are you facing a cash flow issue? Need to pay suppliers or support your growth? Our offering allows for partial or complete mobilization of your accounts receivable, on a one-time or ongoing basis.

Accepted receivables: all invoices are potentially eligible (subject to Bank approval), both in France and abroad.

3 common intervention scenarios

Cash injection
We provide cash by financing your invoices within 48 hours.

Comprehensive solution for managing your accounts receivable
A real time-saver, our team of experts handles your invoices from financing to customer follow-up (payment verification, customer monitoring and reminders, and even debt collection if necessary).

Protection against defaults
Delubac Factor offers insurance against potential defaults by your customers.

delubac 3 cas classiques d interventions

An exceptional relationship: a dedicated advisor

The independence of a bank
Delubac & Cie tailors its services to the specific situations of its clients, with a commitment backed by its own funds

Presence in various regions, access to the advisor’s mobile number. If not available, calls are returned within the same day.

Regardless of the expressed need, a response validated by management is provided within 10 days.

Providing a solution in any circumstance, even in situations overlooked by other financial players.

delubac entreprise une relation d exception un conseiller dedie

Subject to acceptance by Banque Delubac & Cie. A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

Our complementary business financing services

Trade receivables: Dailly assignments, Discounting

In order to finance your trade receivables, several options are available:

  • The Dailly law, for the transfer of your invoices to France
  • The discount of your commercial paper, paperless or paper

Bank overdrafts, cash credit, securities and bank guarantees

If you have cash offsets, the bank overdraft and cash credit are appropriate solutions. For example, securities and guarantees can enable you, by signing with the bank, to tender for a market.


Factoring enables you to finance, secure and guarantee your accounts receivable. Our solution dedicated to businesses is a relevant means of financing as it enables you to mobilise your invoices as soon as they are delivered. Indeed, the supported amounts adapt, permanently, to your working capital needs. You benefit from tracking your invoices sold in our dedicated tool “Delubac Factor” and a guarantee against unpaid invoices.

Security deposits and guarantees

Security deposits and guarantees can enable you, by engaging the bank’s signature, to bid on a contract, for example.

Medium and long term financing

To provide you with the support required to grow and develop your business, we offer you a range of variable-rate or fixed-rate loans.

Setting up a trust to guarantee your financing

Security trust is a tool to guarantee your commitments. The bank will assist you in setting it up.

A dedicated regional advisor will call you back within 24 hours.

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