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Remote banking – Discover all our services!

Manage your accounts remotely with ease and in complete security from your computer, mobile or tablet, 24/7.

eDelubac app remote banking

View at a glance the summary of your transactions

eDelubac account summary application

  • For clients of Delubac Property Administrators’ Bank, view all of your accounts and co-ownerships, easily manage the delegation with your employees on these accounts.

  • For companies under judicial administration, Delubac Legal Bank allows you to enter your orders and your discounts, consult your various outstandings and alerts, have your legal administrator electronically validate the transactions pending in your signature book, send them your supporting documents, reconcile your cheques in circulation, analyse your flows using the graphs made available to you, etc.

summary of transactions

Track your alerts

Consult your alerts in real time:

  • Signature book alerts: your transactions awaiting signature or further information,

  • Management support alerts: debits to account, notice to third party holder, unpaid cheques, rejected cheques, unpaid credits, unpaid transactions (Dailly assignments, etc.)

  • Personalised alerts on transactions received, by amount, on your overdrawn accounts, etc.

transactions personalised alerts

View your latest transactions

With the eDelubac app, you can consult the following:

  • Financial and historical summary of your accounts

  • Outstanding bank card transactions

  • Portfolio outstanding amounts (collection, discounting, assignment of “Dailly Act” receivables, subrogation)

  • Internal and external transfer orders,

  • Monitoring of cheque books in circulation and cheques not debited.

consultation of latest transactions


Carry out your transactions

Our remote banking service offers you the possibility to carry out the following transactions, in complete security:

  • enter or integrate orders and send the corresponding paperwork (domestic and international transfers, bills of exchange, Dailly assignments, subrogation, direct debits),
  • enter or integrate SEPA transfer orders and send the corresponding paperwork to protocols meeting SEPA requirements,
  • validate bills of exchange by a dedicated menu,
  • add beneficiaries,
  • manage your proxies,
  • oppose your bank cards and cheque books,
  • order your cheque books,
  • edit your bank details/IBAN,
  • download files in the “e-documents” section,
  • contact your account manager via the “Messaging” access

Adding beneficiaries and entering transfers can be confirmed by Touch ID.

Discover the digital banking app

Connection to the eDelubac app is possible by virtual keyboard or by fingerprint (touch ID).

The eDelubac app is a service open to all clients who have subscribed to this service.

Download the eDelubac app now and access your accounts very easily with your usual username and password. Thanks to the eDelubac app, consult and carry out your daily transactions (transfers, direct debits, order your cheque books, consult your bank card outstanding transactions, your outstanding credit transactions, carry out assignments of Dailly Act receivables/subrogation, sign your documents, receive alerts, etc.).

The eDelubac app is also available on tablets.

Download the eDelubac application now and access your accounts very simply with your usual usernames and password.

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