Financial flows and means of payment

At Delubac Corporate Banking, we have a full range of banking products and services as well as management tools tailored to your needs to manage your cash flow and means of payment.
credit card payment methods

Online banking

Using our online banking service enables you to view all the information that you need to manage your accounts remotely and safely. You can see the transaction details, the balance outstanding on your bank card as well as your short term assets and medium or long term loans.
delubac account management app
Bank cards

Credit/debit cards

We provide our clients with a range of Visa cards, benefiting from a very large worldwide network of distributors and affiliated merchants.

Bank cheques/Cheque letters

Through a cheque, the buyer can protect themselves from insufficient funds during a transaction that involves a high sum. The bank cheques provided to our clients have a built-in check protection level for added security.

Uploading your file notices

You can send us your transaction, payment and collection files: SEPA credit transfer remittance, etc. You can also secure your exchanges by using the EBICS TS protocol. Through this solution, perfectly adapted to a multi-bank environment, you can attach the signatures of the persons authorised to the order files directly, avoid confirmation by fax, set up payment caps by signatory and by type of operation.

Processing bank cards

With our electronic payment partner, choose the electronic payment terminal tailored to your needs: fixed terminal, infrared portable terminal (cashing near home base), Bluetooth portable terminal (processing near or farther away from home base) or GPRS mobile terminal.

All our business services

Online banking

Consult and manage your online banking account in real time on the online platform or the e-Delubac app.

Corporate financing

Benefit from solutions for your trade receivables and cash mismatches: overdraft, factoring, credit, etc.

International banking services

Secure your international payments thanks to documentary credit and bank guarantees.

Savings and financial investments

Save your cash in the short or long term and manage your assets according to your risk profile.

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