Investment solutions

Whatever your needs, Delubac Private Banking offers a range of investment solutions tailored to your objectives.

Depending on your desire or availability, you can either remain in control of the management of your securities portfolio, PEA or life insurance policy through our Free Management or Advisory Management solutions

Life insurance

With life insurance, it is possible to capitalise earnings without paying taxes if there are no withdrawals (excluding social security charges). It is a savings tool but also a transmission tool. Life insurance policy is a stipulation contract for others in which the policyholder designates one or more beneficiaries who receive the capital, excluding inheritance. The taxation applied to death benefits depends on the date of subscription of the policy and the age of the subscriber at the time premiums are paid.

Our contracts, designed with renowned partners, are flexible, efficient and scalable. They adapt to a variety of requirements thanks in particular to their two compound compartments:

  • funds in euros that offer a capital guarantee
  • units of account (UA) that make it possible to take advantage of the dynamism of the financial markets (no guarantee of capital).

Endowment policy

If life insurance remains one of the preferred investments of the French, endowment policy is also an interesting solution. In some cases, it works in addition to life insurance.

Furthermore this policy is not terminated by the death of its holder: it therefore retains its tax advantages.

Securities accounts

This account allows you to invest in stocks on all asset classes with no cap or holding period. The securities account can thus accommodate securities directly (stocks, bonds), and other media registered in our product catalogue. The purpose of this account is to diversify your assets and earn better returns than those offered by more conventional accounts such as savings books. Capital gains are subject to the progressive scale of income tax, taking into account a discount that depends on the holding period of the securities.


Personal equity plans (PEA) allow you to build and manage a European equity portfolio exempt from income tax. Payments are limited to €225,000 per person (with a maximum of €150,000 in the PEA and €75,000 in the PEA PME). The PEA benefits from a favourable tax regime under certain conditions linked, in particular, to the holding period of the securities registered and acquired on the plan. 

Holders of a conventional PEA can also open a PEA-PME-ETI and benefit from the tax advantages of this second envelope.

PEA-PME is a new securities account that allows clients to invest in SMEs and mid-caps.

Accessible to anyone residing in France, the PEA-PME allows you to manage a portfolio of European equities and UCIs while benefiting from tax advantages. Only one PEA per person can be opened within the limit of 2 plans per tax household.

Terms accounts

A term account (CAT) or term deposit (DAT) is an account on which the sums deposited are blocked for a certain period against remuneration provided at the time of subscription (principal and guaranteed interest). With this account, you can receive immediate cash and have a perfect view on the return of your investment. It is a paid and secure financial investment.