International banking services

To secure your international payments, Delubac Corporate Banking for Businesses and Associations offers a specialised range of international banking services.

To provide you with assistance on complex international transactions, we have also developed specific know-how adapted to your needs.

Documentary Credit

Documentary Credit is a fast, secure, recognised and used payment method worldwide, subject to the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) established by the International Chamber of Commerce.

It is a security guarantee:

  • for the buyer, who will only pay the seller after having been assured that the latter has duly fulfilled his/her obligations,
  • for the seller, who will have the assurance of being paid once he/she has fulfilled their obligations, with increased security when the Documentary Credit is confirmed.


Documentary Credit is a payment technique by which a bank undertakes, formally and on behalf of its client (the buyer), to settle the price of a good or a service provision against the delivery of previously agreed documents (invoice, packing list, transport document, certificate of origin, ...), strictly compliant and consistent with each other, within a period set in advance between the parties. It cannot be cancelled or modified without the agreement of all the parties.

The four embodiments

  •  By sight payment, against presentation of compliant documents.
  •  By deferred payment, delivery of a payment commitment at maturity by the bank in charge of carrying out the documentary credit for the seller, when the latter has granted the buyer a payment deadline and the documents are recognised as compliant.
  • By acceptance, same scheme as during “deferred payment”, with the difference that the payment is represented by an instrument accepted by the bank (payment guarantee at maturity).
  • By negotiation, negotiating a “negotiable” documentary credit can be done by sight payment, deferred payment or acceptance. A “negotiable” and confirmed documentary credit, the documents of which are recognised as compliant can be financed by the negotiating bank with no recourse against the beneficiary.


  • The principal: this is the buyer that gives the Documentary Credit opening instructions.
  • The issuing bank: this is the buyer's bank, which opens the Documentary Credit.
  • The confirming bank: this is the designated bank which agrees to add its payment commitment to that of the issuing bank vis-à-vis the beneficiary.
  • The notifying bank: this is the bank that notifies the beneficiary of the receipt of the Documentary Credit and transmits it to him/her, without making any commitment to him/her.
  • The beneficiary: this is the seller (exporter), in whose favour the Documentary Credit is opened.

International bank guarantees

As part of your commercial relations, you may be required to issue or receive international bank guarantees in order to facilitate or secure your operations.


The international bank guarantee is an irrevocable bank commitment intended to compensate the beneficiary in the event of default by a foreign trading partner.

  • If you are an exporter, you would like to reassure your buyer of the respect of your contractual commitments guaranteed by the signature of your bank.
  • If you are an importer, you can ask your supplier for a guarantee from his/her bank to protect you from the risks inherent in all stages of your contract. You can also ask us to issue a payment guarantee for your account.

There are several types of bank guarantees:

  • market guarantees: these are the most common type. They are issued in favour of your foreign buyer when awarding a works, supplies or equipment contract. These are bid, advance payment, performance and retention guarantees,
  • payment guarantee: issued by the bank of your buyer, it protects you against any payment incident by guaranteeing you the payment of the deal,
  • Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) in its different forms:
    • the “commercial standby” order of the importer in favour of the exporter, guarantees him the payment of the goods,
    • “Market Standby” is a common substitute for the market guarantees presented above.

How it works

Each of these guarantees can be provided in various forms of bank liabilities (security bond, first demand guarantee, documentary guarantee). Instruments issued may be established:

  • directly to the beneficiaries; then this is a direct issue.
  • through a local bank that issues the guarantee to the beneficiary, if required by national regulations; then it is an indirect issue.

Complex international transactions

To support its clients in all countries, Delubac Corporate Banking for Businesses and Associations has developed highly specialised know-how to support businesses on complex international transactions that ensure the financial cash flows of European businesses, of all sizes, exporting to Iran, Sudan and other countries with intricacies when it comes to compliance. Where other banks immediately exclude certain countries or sectors , Banque Delubac & Cie uses all their legal expertise for each transaction, getting in direct contact with the relevant administrations (OFAC, Treasury...).

Mobilisation of receivables arising abroad (Subrogation)

According to the principle of a “Dailly” advance, we will quickly credit your account upon submission of the commercial invoice in euros and the slip of assignment of receivables.

Through a flexible operation, invoice financing can be refunded in advance in case of advance payment or extended in the event of modification of the payment deadlines. However, you can limit the mobilisation of your receivables to your real needs.

SSI - Standard Settlement Instructions 

Check our SSI - Standard Settlement Instructions for foreign currency transactions processed by our bank.