Cash Management and Financial Investments

Whatever your needs, cash management and longer-term financial investments, Delubac Corporate banking offers a range of investment solutions tailored to your objectives.

Cash Management - Short-Term Investments

Term account

The term account, classic, progressive or renewable offers fixed-rate remuneration, known in advance and determined based on market conditions at the time of subscription. The term account may be repaid in advance. If repayment in advance is required, the remuneration conditions will be reviewed depending on the investment period run.

Passbook accounts

Reserved for certain client categories, these accounts help to secure your liquidity, while maintaining flexibility of use.

Medium and long term investments

Delubac Asset Management a subsidiary of Banque Delubac & Cie, is active in asset management with a multi-expertise approach. To meet your medium and long-term investment objectives, Delubac Asset Management offers a range of mutual investment funds tailored to your risk profile.