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Delubac Restructuring Banking

A renowned player in the legal world for over 30 years, Delubac Restructuring Banking provides assistance to businesses facing difficulties or subject to turnaround proceedings as part of amicable procedures of prevention, insolvency proceedings or business continuation plan.

Tried and tested know-how

Thanks to its experience and its first rate relationship with restructuring professionals and the legal community, Banque Delubac & Cie's Restructuring Banking has the necessary expertise to take actions quickly on all cases, before, during and after periods of difficulties.

Our ambition

To offer our clients the benefit of our know-how throughout this delicate phase, with high-performance, cutting-edge tools and tailored financing. Delubac Restructuring Banking’s flexible, highly responsive teams are perfectly acquainted with protective measures and insolvency proceedings.


Do you want to benefit from personalised support? Our best experts will help you to find the solutions that work best for you. 

To open an account with Delubac Restructuring Banking, fill out our form. An agent will contact you to finalise this relationship, subject to acceptance of the file.

Our approach

Delubac Restructuring Banking, bespoke support for companies in difficulty

Banque Delubac & Cie's Restructuring Banking activities benefit from expertise recognised by the majority of professionals in the sector: Legal managers, Legal representatives, Lawyers, Audit and Restructuring Firms, and Chartered Accountants.

The relevance of the team's analyses, coupled with their mastery of insolvency proceedings ensures that professionals in the legal world and its clients have all the necessary elements to carry out the tasks for which they are responsible, in the best possible way.

A team closer to businesses

Through the regional establishment of Banque Delubac & Cie, with branches in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Valence and Le Cheylard (head office), Delubac Restructuring Bank's team can intervene quickly and are closer to the needs of businesses of all sizes and in all sectors, in France and abroad.

Our expertise

Renowned expertise

To help struggling companies overcome their difficulties, Delubac Restructuring Banking has set up a comprehensive range of ‘customised’ banking products and services. Renowned for the quality of our expertise, we advise and assist companies in finding the finance they need to continue their business.

Our team

An experienced and multidisciplinary team

The Delubac Restructuring Banking team brings together multidisciplinary and multi-skilled specialists. Our team of multidisciplinary, multi-skilled and highly experienced specialists is perfectly acquainted with the legal framework governing this activity. The team’s technical nature, stability and field experience enable it to adapt to all situations.

Jérôme Du Maroussem

Jérôme Du Maroussem


Frédéric Guirauden

Frédéric Guirauden

Deputy Director

Dominique Brouttelande

Dominique Brouttelande