Management solutions

Managing assets requires both a lot of expertise and time. Even if you take a great interest in the current affairs of financial markets, you would like to compare your ideas and receive shrewd advice and recommendations that match your investment strategy.

To provide you with assistance in the management of your assets, Banque Delubac & Cie's Delubac Private Bank offers multiple management solutions.

Advisory management

Do you want to keep control of the management of your securities portfolio, PEA or your life insurance or capitalisation contracts? With our Advisory Management solution, you decide on your investments and the way you would like to manage your financial portfolio. However, you benefit from expert advice to take advantage of the best opportunities available at the time.

Free Management (RTO: Reception-Transmission of Orders)

You have good financial knowledge and would like to be in control of the management of your portfolios. You would like to a free hand in choosing your asset allocation. You manage your assets as part of a securities account, a PEA or an insurance policy.