Delubac Private Banking for Company Managers

Entrepreneurs, company managers, executive managers or independent professions, your business assets cannot be managed or approached in the same way.
To meet your specific needs, the Delubac Private banking offering for corporate executives offers a wide range of financial and wealth management solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Delubac Private Banking for Corporate Executives: A range of expertise at the service of your assets

The status of Banque Delubac & Cie, a limited partnership, has led it to develop a thoughtful "entrepreneurial logic", based on the quality of services and risk control.

On the grounds that the active partners are indefinitely and jointly liable for their own property, we always favour caution for the bank and our clients.

Protecting your business, your spouse and your loved ones

Our team of private bankers as well as our partners (tax lawyers, accountants, notaries ...) provide you with support in all your projects. After a personalised diagnosis of your legal and tax situation, in conjunction with your advice or our partners, we offer you the most suitable solutions in terms of wealth transfer, coverage of your spouse or your loved ones...

Organise a business transfer and/or prepare for your closure activities

The mode of transmission of a business differs significantly according to your will, your business, your family and your assets. 
Business transfer is a delicate operation for its future, as well as for the management of your assets. We operate upstream and across all key stages of the life of company managers. Our Delubac Corporate & Investment Bank bankers’ team provide you with support for this operation to take place in the best conditions.

Financing your leveraged operations

The implementation of a leverage effect with recourse to financing makes it possible for you to control the asset/liability management of your assets. We assist you in your LBO, MBO or business transfer operations.

To finance a temporary need for cash and offer you a more flexible and less costly solution than a conventional credit, we can set up the Lombard loans for you, subject to the Bank accepting your file.

Monitoring cash management

Managing your cash flow also means optimising the financial result of your business. We support you in your strategy according to your objectives.

Legal and tax support through our partners

Creation, development, external growth or transfer of business, optimisation of the taxes you pay on your income or your assets... In an increasingly sophisticated financial environment and in the face of sometimes complex situations, we are aware of the latest legal and tax reforms which we can offer you, with the help of our partners (tax lawyers, accountants, notaries...), the best solutions to structure your wealth and manage your assets.

Structuring and growing your capital

You may like to:

  • Carry out external growth operations, 
  • Realise part of your business assets (cash out), 
  • Sell interests,
  • Entrust a credible bank with some of your cash,
  • Diversify and increase your assets...

Our private bankers assist you in the selection of legal framework and in the choice of the most suitable investment media for your situation.