Co-ownership vehicles

Do you want more closeness, transparency and responsiveness? To provide you with the optimum assistance required to manage the co-ownership vehicles' bank accounts under your responsibility, Delubac Property Administrators  Banking has set up an offer dedicated to Property Managers.

Co-ownership vehicles: Ensure optimum management of your accounts

Managing co-ownership vehicles is often time-consuming for a Property management firm. To provide you with assistance in their day to day management by maximising your time, Delubac Property Administrators Banking offers a range of specialist services and efficient tools for risk-free management of cash flows.

Co-ownership bank account

Our offer allows you to easily open separate bank accounts for each of your co-ownerships. We also offer you the possibility to open accounts for the management of ASL (Free Trade Union Associations) / AFUL (Free Urban Land Association).

You get dedicated access to internet accounts for all managed co-ownerships (consultations, transfers/withdrawals), regardless of the number of accounts attached. We also provide you with a chequebook per building, the possibility of setting up check payment letters or e-payment.

Cash management of co-ownerships

Remunerate the excess cash of co-ownerships by placing their cash in an Investment Account (Livret A, passbook account).

Financing of works

In accordance with Alur Law, we suggest creating Work Fund Accounts.

Remote banking for day to day management

Get access to your accounts via our mobile application and our remote banking services dedicated to Property Managers: sending of transfer files, direct debits and TLMC files, management of beneficiaries and debtors, bank statements, bank reconciliation, setting up alerts, etc.

Our e-Delubac platform also includes electronic signature management through the use of either a digital certificate or a personal login details with SMS verification code.

A bespoke service

Through its organisation dedicated to property managers and co-ownership vehicles, you have expert and responsive contacts to advise you and deal with all your requests and needs.