Build up your financial assets

Delubac Personal Banking helps you build up your financial assets through investment solutions tailored to your needs

Investment funds (UCI)

No longer be afraid to invest in the stock market, Delubac P rivate Banking for Private Individuals defines your risk / return profile with you in order to assist you in the selection of vehicles suited to your needs (monetary, shares, bonds, etc.) and to your financial situation. Our teams offer you access to the best funds in the market. We regularly update our range of investment funds to constantly offer you the best selection on the market

Financial instrument accounts (securities accounts, PEA, PEA-PME)

Share Savings Plan

With Delubac Personal Banking, you can acquire a portfolio of shares in European companies while benefiting, under certain conditions, from a tax exemption thanks to the PEA. Invest easily with Banque Delubac & Cie!

Share Savings Plan for Small and Medium - sized Enterprises (PEA PME)

If you want to invest in small and medium - sized enterprises (SMEs) or in intermediate - sized enterprises (ISE), the PEA PME is for you. Benefit from a higher deposit limit than the bank PEA and a wider choice of securities

Free management - Reception - Transmission of Orders (RTO)

Do you want to invest in the market while keeping control of your portfolio?

Delubac Personal Banking offers you free management with our Reception - Transmission of Orders service (RTO). Tell our experts about your desired investments and we will take care of the execution of your orders! With Banque Delubac & Cie, manage your portfolio freely under the best conditions thanks to privileged access.

Management under mandate

Delubac Asset Management specialists develop your financial assets! How ? By managing them for you while respecting the investment objectives you have set for yourself. Management under Mandate allows you to entrust your financial assets to experts. Take stock of the management mandate with your manager
* Some investments in financial instruments may present risks, in particular of loss of capital. Before investing in a financial product, please contact your advisor to find out about the associated risks