Delubac Private Banking for Private Individuals

Private individuals, we will work closely with you to help you realise your projects whether personal or professional.
To meet your specific expectations, Delubac Private banking for private individuals offers a wide range of financial and wealth management solutions tailored to your profile.

Delubac Private Banking for private individuals: a range of wealth management solutions tailored to your objectives

Entrust your cash to an established bank

As a limited partnership, the status of Banque Delubac & Cie has led its private partners, jointly and severally liable for their own property, to develop a thoughtful “entrepreneurial logic”, based on the quality of services and risk control. We have always made caution our first choice for the bank and our clients.

Build and grow your capital

Delubac Private Banking for private individuals assists you to build the savings you need to carry out your projects:

  • build up precautionary savings, a future supplementary pension,
  • diversify your assets,
  • prepare a home improvement project,
  • reorganise your property assets,
  • Sell interests…

Grow and protect your assets

Do you want to entrust all or part of your cash to diversify and grow your assets?
Our private bankers will assist you in the selection of legal framework and investment vehicles that best fit your goals.

Earn additional revenue

Do you want to increase your purchasing power with additional remuneration from your financial investments? We offer investment solutions tailored to your risk profile.

Diversify your investments

Once we have defined your profile, our next step will be to select together the different investment vehicles most likely to meet your objectives for each asset class.

Cover your family

How do you cover yourself and your family members from the difficulties linked with accident, illness, disability or death? To cover all eventualities, there are simple solutions that we can offer you.

Prepare your estate

Do you want to prepare for the future transfer of your wealth, to protect your spouse, your children or any other person and optimise this transfer for tax purposes? Our private bankers are at your disposal to assist you prepare your estate.