Delubac Corporate & Investment Bank supports Luxant Group and Octopus Sécurité in their capital merger




The creation of a major player in security in France - Banque Delubac & Cie supports the managers and majority shareholders of Luxant Group and Octopus Sécurité in their capital merger.

Over the years, Luxant Group has become a key player in private security in France, being amongst the top 20 players in the sector and employing more than 1900 employees. The company has grown by offering human security services for the private and public sector and completes its offer with a remote surveillance centre that ensures the continuity of the information chain between technological security devices, cybersecurity and human security.

Octopus Sécurité is also a French private security company specialising in security, fire safety, intervention and remote surveillance. It is also one of the top 20 leaders in the sector in France, employing around 2,600 employees in 2020.

The completion of this capital merger creates a new major security player in France. The ambition will be to pursue a coherent and controlled development of the future Group, which will be chaired by Benamar Bahlil. In 2020 it will post a turnover of almost € 140 M and employ more than 4,500 people, placing it in the Top 10 companies in the sector.

The merger of these two companies historically located in Île de France and in the North of France will allow an almost total territorial distribution, and will therefore enable them to offer services in yet to be exploited regions and benefit from complementarities between customers.

The financial and capital strength of the new Group will allow it to gain a margin for manoeuvre when responding to new calls for tenders.

“This transaction will enable the new Group to accelerate its development with existing customers, in particular by developing framework agreements with large French companies throughout the country. In addition, the pooling of resources will allow us to step up responses to national calls for tenders for large-scale projects and therefore win new customers / markets. This transaction will also accelerate the efforts currently being made by our two companies in their innovation strategy based on an increasingly technological and digital offer” explains Benamar Bahlil, founder and director of Luxant Group.

“This transaction will allow the new Group to accelerate its growth in France and is fully in line with the current market context where the trend is towards consolidation. Together with Benamar, we share the same market vision and the development challenges of the coming years. This merger should allow us to quickly become one of the sector leaders in France,” explains Alain Ovadia, who will remain a member of the Octopus Supervisory Board.

“We were very happy to advise Benamar Bahlil and Alain Ovadia in their capital merger. The complementary relationship of the two leaders and their common strategic visions seem to us to be a major asset in the pursuit of growth. The activity forecasts for 2020 and 2021 will allow the new Group to enter the Top 10 security companies in France,” says Mickaël Hazout, Managing Director at Banque Delubac Corporate & Investment Bank.

As part of this transaction, Banque Delubac & Cie advised and successfully supported the managers and majority shareholders of Luxant Group and Octopus Sécurité in the completion of their capital merger.

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