Investment vehicles

Delubac Private Banking’s experts give you the opportunity to access a wide range of markets across a wide range of investment vehicles that cover all asset classes.

A selection of open architecture funds

Delubac Private Banking works in open architecture to offer you a large number of funds from several different financial institutions and management bodies.

Paper securities

Delubac Private Banking supports you in holding your securities directly. The Bank is the account keeper.


There are two types of collective investments in real estate: SCPIs and OPCIs These investments are useful for diversifying your assets in bricks and mortar, without its management constraints, and while receiving regular income.

The SCPI (Société Civile de Placements Immobiliers) and OPCI (Organisme de placement collectif immobilier) shares are long-term investment vehicles that do not include a capital guarantee or a yield guarantee. Given that the investment in SCPI is unlisted, it is illiquid. The transfer of shares is only possible if there is compensation. The OPCI investment is more flexible and more liquid.

Structured products

Structured products consist of various financial instruments such as derivatives and bonds that potentially lead to higher returns.

Structured products with capital protection enable the combination of total or partial capital protection with the variability of the financial markets, without however investing directly in it. These fixed-term products combine a high degree of diversity and maximum investment flexibility.