Amandine Brunie

Commercial Attaché 
arrived on 8 june 2018
My goals were to acquire new skills, to evolve after 2 to 5 years and find a work/life balance.
As soon as I arrived, the bank met my expectations during the first days of training; also with diploma courses in order to progress quickly and to have other knowledge
The bank met my second objective because in October 2020, I moved to a Commercial Attaché position.

Hector Barillot

Human Resources Officer
arrived on 14 September 2020

I wanted to discover how an SME works and is organised because I used to work in a large group. The banking world was a first for me! I was very interested in the proposal to join a bank with a family spirit and independence.

The idea was to acquire new HR knowledge on all activities (recruitment, training, payroll, personnel administration, etc.) and to integrate into the HR team by proposing new projects.
As soon as I arrived, I had the opportunity to follow numerous internal and external training courses. In addition, a trip to Le Cheylard was planned to meet the HR team and understand how the bank works.
All the equipment was made available to me upon my arrival and, thanks to the training, I was able to take up my post fairly quickly.
I had the opportunity to become autonomous on some assignments quite quickly because they were easily achievable. Today I am still perfecting my skills in certain areas but also learning others. This is the advantage of being in a medium-sized company, you have other assignments to do than those indicated on your job description.

Lucile Castelbou

Communications Officer
arrived on 8 March 2021
While I arrived during the health crisis, Banque Delubac & Cie did everything to facilitate my integration with other employees. What I appreciate most: that the company is attentive to the well-being and health of its employees. It also supports me professionally by offering me the opportunity to develop my skills with various assignments and total autonomy.

François Ginestet

Deputy manager of payment methods 
arrived 15 June 2020
When I arrived, my objectives were to increase my skills in the management of a team and to implement an operational excellence approach within my scope. The bank met these objectives by giving me the autonomy and sufficient means to manage my team, which had long remained without management. This autonomy also allowed me to put in place the measures that seemed to me the most effective to achieve an adequate level of operational excellence.

Melvin Pain

Professional account manager, BDE
arrived on 12 October 2020
I joined Banque Delubac & Cie because my professional objective was to acquire a client portfolio generating significant NBI and to meet the needs of a specific clientele.
When I arrived, I had several months of support with my N+1 in order to familiarise myself with the instructions from Banque Delubac & Cie. I can practice my profession thanks to the confidence given and autonomy over my files.