Recruitment process

At Banque Delubac & Cie, several steps are necessary to recruit our new talents.
Our recruitment process allows us to get to know the candidate better. It also allows the candidate to gather more information about the bank.


Step 1: preselection

Selection of your application

1st telephone contact 
with the Human Resources Department

Step 2: the physical interview

Meeting with the Human Resources Department

Presentation of your project, your motivations and your skills

Response from the Human Resources Department 
within a time period specified during the interview

Possibility of a second interview
with the Director of Human Resources and the Director of the department concerned

Step 3: validation of your application

Meeting of the various players for the final choice

Is your application validated?

Hiring proposal by the HR manager
and details of the terms of your arrival at the bank

Step 4: your hiring and your integration

Signature of your employment contract with the Human Resources Department 

Integration path initiated bu the Human Resources Department in collaboration with the other departments 
Si vous êtes sélectionné, vous signerez votre contrat avec la Direction des Ressources Humaines et participerez à un parcours d’intégration mis en place en collaboration avec les métiers.